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If you want my team to help you scale to 6 + 7 figures, book a call here.

We hope you enjoy reading this post—if you want my team to help you scale to 6 + 7 figures, book a call here.

3 Easy Steps to Set Up Rich Pins for Your Blog

How to Set Up Rich Pins for Your Blog

Despite the social media branding, Pinterest is actually a sophisticated visual search engine (with social aspects, of course), and it can drive massive traffic to your website. When optimized, pins have a longer life than any other social media post. Enabling Rich Pins for your Pinterest posts, according to many users, results in even more engagement and distribution for those pins.

According to Pinterest, 75% of people pin an item to purchase later and 66% of people buy something after they’ve seen a brand’s pins. The benefits of Rich Pins for businesses and brands are huge, and setting them up doesn’t have to be a pain.

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The Basics of Why You Need Rich Pins

When a pin from your website is shared on Pinterest, that user has the ability to change the description for that pin. This is great! It allows Sally to say, “OMG, finally I know how to make chicken cacciatore.” While Harry might say, “Great recipe! Saving for later. Every dad needs this in his cookbook.”

Those two experiences are personal stories that their own followers can connect with.

However, they don’t much in the way of keyword optimization or information about the article itself. So, there’s less incentive for someone to click on that recipe later and find their way to your business.

Rich Pins allow Pinterest users to continue to customize their descriptions as they share while at the same time adding data from your post to the pin. More than that, that data follows your pin wherever it is shared. Recipe Rich Pins will often include an ingredient list and directions or the number of stars it has received on average. Product pins will include the latest sale price and where to buy.

Whatever you’re sharing, your business needs to have Rich Pins enabled for your blog! It’s free to set up and runs itself going forward. Total win-win for busy business owners.

Now, that covers the absolute basic benefits of rich pins, but Simple Pin Media has an incredibly detailed guide about rich pins that I highly recommend if you really want to geek out about Pinterest.

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3 Easy Steps to Set Up Rich Pins for Your Blog

Setting up Rich Pins on your blog is super easy and takes less than 5 minutes—promise! These steps cover how to do it when you use WordPress to blog (the only platform I do web design on), but you can follow these instructions from Pinterest’s Developer Docs if you use another platform.

On WordPress

1. Add the free Yoast SEO plugin to your blog from the Plugins menu.

2. Choose a post and add a relevant description and keywords to the appropriate meta data sections of the Yoast SEO widget now available on your blog post. It will look like this:

Set Up Rich Pins - Yoast SEO

3. Head to the Rich Pin Validator and copy that post link (not your home page) into the validation section. Then apply to have Rich Pins enabled!

The team at Pinterest usually approves your application if everything looks good in 24 hours or less. Mine was even approved in just a few minutes.

While you wait, start going through other posts on your blog and add meta data to those, as well. Soon you’ll have additional data on your pins all over Pinterest, a huge step forward for your brand.

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Why should your business or brand have a blog?

If you’re a brand or business without a content marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a huge and extremely cost-effective marketing avenue. Content marketing is a strategy where you create content designed to attract your target market. Not only does this content get more eyes on your brand, but by offering something valuable, you’re creating a relationship with that reader.

Consumers now are looking to connect with human brands.

Content marketing, such as adding a blog to your brand’s website, gives you the ability to reach your ideal customer and build brand loyalty. When I work with clients creating this type of content, that’s exactly what I’m looking to do. Every brand has a unique voice and something to offer, and I love tapping into that to bring more traffic to a brand’s online presence.

If you don’t have a blog for your business or you’re not seeing the type of traffic or conversions you know you could, I can help. Let’s chat about how we can work together!

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    I love pinterest but am still learning the ropes about it, so reading your posts was so informative for me. Thanks for the detailed write-up and share on setting up rich pins

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