You’re amazing at what you do, but the thought of doing another launch without support makes you cringe.

Or maybe you know you can get better results with an experienced team backing you up!

I want to help you make your next launch…

  • Run like a well-oiled machine
  • Create connections, increase engagement, and warm leads
  • Sell out your paid program

I’m Tiffany, founder of Nightingale Social and a marketer and serial entrepreneur with 12 years under my belt of growing businesses and getting real results.

Let's see if we're a good fit

More Time to Focus + Teach

You don’t have time or energy to try and do everything during your launch.

We all know how insane challenge week can be, and there are so many moving parts all happening at once.

Let me and my team step in to am up engagement and keep things running smoothly so you can focus on running your challenge!

Get Better Results

When you’re ready to scale your business, you need to know your team can amp up your results.

We’re launch support veterans with an entire system in place to keep people engaged during your challenge, provide support to you and your attendees, and help you convert more.

Continue to Grow Post-Challenge

After your challenge is over, we continue to work to nurture all of the warm leads generated during the challenge.

We’ll also continue to work to grow your audience outside of the challenge by leveraging other platforms, social outlets, and Facebook groups.