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You’re ready to SOAR.

Because soaring is freedom.

… it’s building a business to 6-figures and beyond without drowning in client work.

… it’s never feeling like you have to do it all yourself again.

… it’s getting off the rollercoaster of unpredictable income.

Your dream business is here

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Whether you’re a coach or a consultant or a service provider, the SOAR to 6-Figures Marketing Program can help. This online program provides the key shifts you need to scale up your business strategically and sustainably.

Tiffany Barry - Owner of Nightingale Social

Hi, I’m Tiffany!

I built a 6-figure marketing agency in less than a year, and it was as exhilarating as it was exhausting.

I was burned out, working all the time, forgetting deadlines, and juggling all the things (badly). It wasn’t sustainable. 

We were a marketing agency with no marketing system, no automation, and an uphill battle to scale.

I’ve been in marketing and entrepreneurship for over 12 years, and I founded Nightingale Social, a multi-6 figure business with dozens of clients and a team of 8.

I want to invite you to avoid that pain and frustration and exhaustion and fast track your path to 6-figures.

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Bonus Support

Live Office Hours

There is so much information and videos and downloadable worksheets available to you in the program, but the truth is, sometimes you just need a little extra help.

You’ll have questions or want to know how to apply the lessons to your business specifically. We’re here for it!

Join us for live office hours where you can ask all of your questions and get hands-on coaching in real time.

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Here's what our clients are saying about our courses and done-for-you services.

Tiffany and team at Nightingale are so knowledgeable and reliable. I really appreciate the thought and care that’s put into the entire client experience. They’ve nailed customer/client service!

5 Star service, 5 star results, 5 star strategy from Nightingale!!!

Shelby Fowler / Fempire Media

Tiffany is a wealth of information and so professional. She knows exactly what I am looking to create for my brand and is so pleasant to work with.

Danielle Harper / Zestbox

[Nightingale] is AMAZING. [They] have a way of being able to really know what you're wanting to say and say it much more compelling and clear. [They] got to know me and my business and then wrote incredible (converting) copy for my sales and landing pages. So good!! 

Melissa McClung / LBD Careers

Tiffany is an outstanding part of my team and business! She is knowledgeable, creative, an independent worker, and supportive of the many requests and questions I send her way. She has done an amazing job embodying the culture of my company and portraying that through social media, blog posts, and email marketing. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and working with her!

Callie Miller / Carilly

The social media training course I took was clear and so helpful! In addition to having two ready to use Trello boards(love that!), the course provided great, practical ideas on how to create content. It offered unique suggestions and helped me think outside the box from things I was doing. Thank You!

Libby Simon / Clear View Coaching

My own posts are making me tear up.

You guys are VERY GOOD at what you do. I love my post today. Exactly what I would do and say.

Mandy Drozda / Wellness Professional

Tiffany delivered way beyond my expectations! She provides real-world practical tips not just the high-level overview. Not to mention the boards with ideas already populated are priceless and gives you something to take and run with immediately no matter where you are in your business journey with social media. She opens your eyes to the possibilities not just in Trello but Social Media Posting as well. Time and Money Well Spent 😍

Dana Diebolt

I loved how simply Tiffany laid out the Trello training for social media content planning. Her course was detailed, but very easy to understand. She made an overwhelming task seem so much more manageable, and also provided some awesome Trello tips and tricks along the way. I definitely recommend this course if social media content planning is something that is overwhelming in your business!

Danielle Tomashoff

You've changed my understanding of Instagram, and I'm forever grateful!"

Tammi Brochman / Tammi Brochman Nutrition

The finished product is everything I could have hoped for! I’m excited to finally start sharing graphics and information in a way that in cohesive and reflective of the ideas I’ve had in my head for so long. I highly recommend [Nightingale]…

Kim Statler

I’m just super ridiculously impressed! I was not expect[ing] so much value…


Tiffany is absolutely great to work with! She is very detail-oriented, thoughtful and communicative. What impressed me the most was her high standard of work and I would love to keep working with her.

Liya Panayotova

Tiffany's work went above and beyond my expectations. I found her to be very organized, detailed, and professional. She was very creative yet checked in with me to see if her ideas met with my requirements. I am very impressed with Tiffany and her work. I would absolutely love to work with her again on future projects that arise.

Betsy Fortman / Gogokid

Tiffany is absolutely great to work with! She is very detail-oriented, thoughtful and communicative. What impressed me the most was her high standard of work and I would love to keep working with her.

Liya Panayotova

I’m just super ridiculously impressed! I was not expect[ing] so much value…

the breakdown

Everything Included In Your Investment

The CORE Four Pillars of the Soar Program ($997 value)

The four core pillars of the SOAR Program are a culmination of over a decade of experience marketing for 6 and 7 figure business owners, experience growing (and selling) my own businesses, and up to date trends and insights that are relevant now.

Done-for-you swipe files, templates, and program workbook ($399 value)

Walk away from this course with swipe files, email and social media copy, marketing plan templates, and a full marketing strategy workbook to set yourself up for success from day 1.

Quickstart guide ($97 value)

When you need a quick cash injection, this quick start guide is ideal. Pay for your program investment, hire help quickly, or just pump funds into your bank account.

social marketing and social selling training ($994 value)

Social media marketing has become a crucial part of doing business online. Master your marketing and social selling with these proven strategies. We’ve got the case studies to back it up!

Dream client system and video training ($397 value)

Alignment meeting strategy is a money-making combination! Go back to the basics with the Dream Client system and video training to make sure your offers are positioned to support your 6-figure goals.

Office Hours with live coaching and Q&A ($1190 value)

Come inside our virtual office for regular coaching and Q+A. Because no one should be alone in an ocean of information.

Bonus advanced training monthly for 1 year ($2388)

Every month for the next YEAR, you’re invited to advanced training webinars (typically invite-only and $199 each) with Tiffany and other leaders where we dig even deeper into topics like building marketing and sales funnels, running paid ads, using Facebook groups to get clients automatically, and more!

Total SOAR Program Value $6462

Total SOAR Program Investment Only $1497 (or $297 / mth)

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If you’ve come this far, you owe it to yourself to keep going.

You owe it to yourself to level up your business and reach your 6-figure business goals.

You owe it to yourself to stop killing yourself for $1-5k each month and really start living life as a CEO.

Ask yourself:

What if just one strategy from SOAR… helps you finally make enough money to hire high-quality help?

What if just one idea from SOAR… helps you launch a passive income generating stream of revenue?

What if just one tactic from SOAR… helps you step into a life where you have true financial freedom, where you are no longer at the mercy of your calendar, and where you’re building a legacy?

Don’t miss your opportunity to become the 6-figure woman entrepreneur you were meant to be. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime legacy to gain.

it’s time for you to soar

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